Wednesday 02.10. / 16:30

Podium Training Men Session II

Location: Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle

Participants: Mixed 1 / Belarus / Mixed 4 / Mixed 6 / Turkey / Mixed 10 / Spain / Mixed 13 / Russian Federation / Brazil / Mixed 20 / Germany

Watch World Champions live in training

For the qualification competitions of the Subdivisions 3 & 4 with the top teams from Russia, Brazil and Germany, only few tickets are still available. Therefore the podium training of these teams will be open for the public.

The podium training is the last rehearsal before the start of the qualification competitions. Teams rotate from one to another apparatus, already in competition order.
Experience Team Germany as well as the reigning World Champion from Russia live in their last training before the Gymnastics World Championships in Stuttgart 2019.

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Rotation of the Subdivitions

Subdivision 3, starting at 4.30 P.M.

  • Russian Federation: starting on floor
  • Belarus: starting on pommel horse
  • Mixed 6: starting on rings
  • Türkei: starting on vault
  • Mixed 4: starting on parallel bars
  • Mixed 20: starting on horizontal bar

Subdivision 4, starting at 7.30 P.M.

  • Mixed 1: starting on floor
  • Mixed 13: starting on pommel horse
  • Mixed 10: starting on rings
  • Spain: starting on vault
  • Germany: starting on parallel bars
  • Brazil: starting on horizontal bar
October, 2, 4.30 P.M.*
Podium Training Men SESSION II

*Start competition
Doors open to public one hour early (3.30 P.M.) to competition start. Subject to modification.


Further public Podium Training

Tuesday 01.10. 15:30
Podium Training Women Session II

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