Made in Baden-Württemberg

Just a few weeks before the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships Stuttgart 2019 (4 – 13 October), the winning medals have seen the light of day. The organizing Swabian Gymnastics Federation attached great importance to bringing in the know-how of the region. The project medals “Made in Baden-Württemberg” therefore attracted a lot of celebrities at its premiere. In addition to Minister President Winfried Kretschmann, STB President Wolfgang Drexler, Olympic Champion Fabian Hambüchen and german national team gymnast Elisabeth Seitz, many high-ranking representatives came to Weinstadt near Stuttgart, where the medals were created and produced.

Bernd Kussmaul, who was responsible for the production of the medal with his factory in Weinstadt, was pleased with the many words of praise: “The development process of the medals has a lot in common with the long and intensive preparation of the gymnasts. We are united by discipline, effort, passion and emotion. In production we have mastered many technical challenges. For example, embossing in the air. This has never happened before. But now we have achieved a real wow effect: The medal lives and is dynamic. It has a different appearance from every angle. This is also something very special for us and I can say: the medal fever has broken out in us for a long time”.

Olympic high bar champion Fabian Hambüchen celebrated a premiere thanks to the 2019 medals: “I’ve already experienced virtually everything there is to experience in gymnastics. But the fact that I was able to personally shape a Worlds medal this morning is also new for me. That was also an absolutely emotional experience for me, which again confirmed me: A medal is always much more than a piece of metal. You work so long, so hard for it. And the medal in Stuttgart does 100 percent justice to this commitment”.

“I was involved in the development process myself and have already won some medals in my career. What the people involved have created here is truly extraordinary. This shows how much heart and soul goes into the Worlds in Stuttgart. This also goes down well with us gymnasts and gives us tailwind for the preparation.”

Elisabeth Seitz, Turn-Team Deutschland

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