The gymnastics show in the “Theaterhaus”

Salto Mondiale

Salto Mondiale – the name says it all. From 3rd to 7th October 2019 the show created especially for the World Gymnastics Championships will be breathtaking. Gymnastic movement arts live from their spectacular flight elements – and these will be plentiful at the Salto Mondiale Show. Look forward to a modern show of the extra class and experience a cheeky mixture of urban, street style, parkour, tricking and gymnastics at the Theaterhaus Stuttgart.

An international line-up ensures a variety of performances. Lukas & Aron from Sweden, among others, will be there, hurling each other through the skies on a three metre long board. After graduating from the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm, the two have specialised in spectacular jumps and in their second number show whirling pirouettes and unique balances in a Cyr Wheel.

In their enchanting choreographies, the duo Alex & Felice stages breakdance with partner acrobatics paired with a lot of feeling. Their expressive mixture of art of movement, merging elegance and stirring rhythms touches the hearts and shows courage.

In addition to these artists, the I-Team from the Ukraine, the Duo Moh from Ethiopia, Popping Greg, Ryk, the Showproject with former Bundesliga gymnasts and the Showteam, the red thread leading through the evening, will also enchant with exclusive performances.

Felice Aguilar not only convinces as an artist in the gymnastics show, but also directs it. She is supported by duo partner Alexander Pollner and her mother Heidi Aguilar. Heidi Augilar is known to many from the fireworks of gymnastics and the wife of Andreas Augilar, who became world champion on the rings exactly 30 years ago at the first World Championships in 1989 in Stuttgart.

Direction: Heidi Aguilar, Felice Aguilar, Alexander Pollner  (TSF GmbH)


These artists are in:

The DDC Breakdancers basically sweep the audience away with power, beats and acrobatics. The Dancefloor Destruction Crew – DDC for short – from Schweinfurt is one of the most famous breakdance groups in Germany and double world champion in breakdance. Her crossover productions “Breakdance in Lederhosen” are known to millions of people through numerous shows and television appearances.

Alex and Felice show a fusion of breakdance and partner acrobatics, unique in their form. In a thrilling Pas de Deux, spectacular partner moves mate with dance and surprising new forms of movement, giving the act a refreshing lightness. Sensual or groovy? Decide for yourself!

The dancer shows his skills in a humorous and authentic way. Besides breakdance and dance styles of poppings and lockings (special movements in breakdance) he combines dance and comedy in his very own passionate way.

Trampoline gymnasts running up vertical walls and landing on “house roofs” with double somersaults, flying gymnasts being catapulted through the air by a swing and landing in an oversized cloth – these are the spectacular acts of the I-Team Trampoline Troupe from Ukraine! The spectators are bound to stop breathing!

The team around the first class gymnast Artem Gazharian has combined classic apparatus gymnastics with world-class entertainment! On the Barrolin, a double bar standing on a trampoline, the four exceptional athletes have already thrilled their audiences worldwide. In a second number Showproject will be shown on high bar.

Somersaults every second – this is the duo Moh from Ethiopia, with which the motto of the show becomes the program! “Icaric Games” is the name of this acrobatic form in which an artist is whirled through the air by his partner at breakneck speed on his feet.

They’re one of the best slingboard artists in the world. Spectacular flights, breakneck side changes on the board make the spectators take their breath away. Somersaults and screws presented with highest precision and perfection!

  In February 2018, the creative head inspired the preliminary decision at the Eurovision Song Contest. His artistic and soulful song “You and I” reached the hearts of TV viewers and jury and landed in an outstanding third place. The original choreography with Felice Aguilar on the turntable will now also be shown at Salto Mondiale!

Set New Signs – the motto of the Gymnastics World Championships Stuttgart 2019 and the official World Championships song of the former Swiss national gymnast. The former European vice-champion of 2013 on bars, who was considered a talent of the century, set out on a new career path after many strokes of fate and a diagnosis of epilepsy. He is known to the German public through the casting show “Supertalent”, in which he was voted directly into the finals by the jury in 2017 with the golden buzzer. At Salto Mondiale he will perform his song Set New Signs.

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