City Event

Get Out of the sports hall, and into the city centre

On the 11 and 12 October on the Schlossplatz in Stuttgart, a varied programme with all the facets that gymnastics has to offer awaits you. Our highlight is the Parkour competition with freestyle and speed challenges. If you don’t just want to watch the gymnastics, but want to become active yourself in the open air, you should not miss tenders like our Salto-Station or the Gymnastics Warrior Stuttgart 2019.

In addition to the sports facilities, the City Event offers a varied programme throughout the day:

  • Transmissions of the Gymnastics World Championships out of the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer Halle
  •   Interviews with top athletes from gymnastics and Parkour
  • Show performances by professionals on the Slackline
  • Live performances by Lukas Fischer and the World Cup song “Set New Signs”
  • Musically Live-Acts
  • Schlossplatz TV: Live-Entertainment with LED-monitor and presentation
City Event Stuttgart2019

Our trendy sports

Parkour Competitions
Parkour-pro Andy Haug

There are two disciplines, on the one hand speed and on the other hand freestyle.

On Friday, 11. 10. 19 the Speed Challenge is about overcoming the given obstacles in the fastest possible time. Roughly estimated, the professionals need about 20 to 25 seconds for an 80 meter long track with obstacles. Of course, it always depends on how long the route is and how many or how difficult the obstacles are. Because the field is always close to each other, it is precisely specified how the obstacles must be overcome and if it is violated, there is a time penalty.

If you want to see the craziest Parkour tricks, you should take part on Saturday, October 12th, when the Parkourers prove their creativity during the Freestyle Challenge. Here there are several rounds in which the Parkourers show their skills. The day before they can visit the location and think about what they want to show and where. Each exercise is unique, as each Parkourer has different preferences. A jury evaluates you according to the categories creativity, execution, difficulty, landing and flow.

Results of the Freestyle Challenge from Sa. 12.10.19
1st Place SEI ASAKURA – JPN – 46,9 Points
2nd Place JOHAN TONNOIR – FRA – 45,4 Points
3rd Place KEVIN – CHN – 43,7 Points
Gymnastics Warrior
Supporter2019 Daniel Morres testing the Gymnastics Warrior

The TV show “Ninja Warrior” took obstacle courses worldwide to a higher level. Meanwhile, it has developed into its own trend sport. Under the motto “Setting new standards”, we would like to show what gymnastics can be and our new creation the “Gymnastics Warrior Stuttgart2019”. Hanging, balancing and climbing are the basics of gymnastics and skills that will give you an advantage on this obstacle course. On the Schlossplatz you can try your hand at our “Gymnastics Warrior Stuttgart2019” and compete with other Stuttgart athletes within our competitions.

How much warrior are you ?

Urban Gymnastics

These other movement offers await you:

  • Airbag-Jump
  • Somersault-Experience
  • Slacklines 
  • Community game

A presenter will guide through the programme with Schlossplatz-TV and entertain the audience. Passers-by can follow the events on the Schlossplatz on an LED screen. In the evening there will be a musical live act.

Gymnastics is more than a top-class sport and can be experienced in a variety of forms in the city centre of Stuttgart. In the course of the World Gymnastics Championships, movement possibilities will be created that will inspire people to move and make them active. The City Event should contribute to emotionalising the population for gymnastics and the World Gymnastics Championships.

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