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As a volunteer you have the chance to take a unique look behind the scenes of the Gymnastics World Championchips in Stuttgart 2019. As part of an enthusiastic volunteer team you are going to meet new people, gain practical experience and learn what it means to achieve one goal together.

The fields of activity as a volunteer are diverse and exciting – in addition to the support in the handling of the competition and the care of the participants, it is important to ensure a smooth flow of logistics, honors or media work. As a volunteer you can use your strengths and experiences and choose a field of application that suits you best.

Your benefits at the Gymnastics World Championships

  • Personal profile in our volunteer tool
  • Volunteer chill-area with lockers and much more 
  • Event clothing 
  • Catering during the event 
  • Written proof of the volunteer assignment 
  • Contact with other sports and event enthusiasts 
  • Volunteer points for the personal account in the volunteer tool 
  • Opportunity to help shape the event 
  • Accreditation incl. public transport (VVS) ticket 
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What does the volunteer time line up to the World Championships look like?

Your way to Stuttgart 2019

2018from August

Registration and selection of work area preferences


Full registration in the volunteer tool and selection of available period


Confirmation and allocation of volunteer service


Mission preparation


Publication of shift schedules


Final information regarding volunteer assignment

become part of the team


Sign up now and become part of the volunteer team.
The only requirement: You must be at least 16 years old!
In a second step we ask your desired area and period of use.

Volunteers Team

Work areas


You’re on top of things, are a team player, think in a structured way, and are always ready to lend a hand? Our tasks range from logistics to security for our two halls.

Administration and Logistics

You think in a structured way and keep track of things even in stressful situations? With Administration and Logistics, you support the operations center in all administrative and logistical challenges.


No access for unauthorized persons! In Security you are part of the security team and ensure that unauthorized persons do not access forbidden zones. Your assignment starts with the beginning of the athletes’ training before the competition and ends with the finals.

Accreditation Center

The accreditation badge is the personal identification document for the whole Gymnastics World Championships. You will welcome people in the Accreditation Center, check their data, and issue personalized accreditation badges.


In Volunteer Management you are in demand especially before and at the beginning of the World Championships. You are responsible for the coordination of arriving volunteers and help e.g. handing out the volunteer clothing and accreditations. You further support the volunteers throughout the event and are their first contact for questions etc.


In Catering you support the catering team or lend a hand in the various catering areas. You also make sure that the refreshment stations for our athletes are always fully stocked and ensure a smooth catering process.

EDP/IT Organization

You are a computer crack? In EDP/ IT Organization you support the EDP team, e.g. in the event of technical problems, printer setup, preparing the IT equipment for meetings, or network setup for individual workplaces


You have a knack for languages and enjoy working with other people? In this area you take care of the delegation members throughout the event. It starts with welcoming the teams e.g. at the airport and ends with their departure.


This area requires good orientation skills and local knowledge of Stuttgart. As driver you take care of the transportation of staff, guests, and partners of the Gymnastics World Championships.

Central Info Point / Hotel Info Points

At Info Points you are the contact person for teams and officials in the respective hotels or the competition arena. You pass on information, help when questions arise, and make sure that our guests feel completely at home in Stuttgart.


Are you familiar with gymnastics competitions and evaluations? You stand ready to support the competition management crew and judges, or you are part of the equipment team for setup and change of apparatus.

Competition and Training Management

This is the center of the sports part of the World Championships. You support the team in the organization of the competitions, you take care of administrative tasks in the competition office, or you make sure that the athletes in the training halls can prepare for their competition in the best way possible.

Judges Management

Are you a judge? In Judges Management you support the organization by looking after the judges.

Award Ceremony / Protocol

Your appearance on the big stage. As hostess or host you help to honor the athletes at the awards ceremonies.

Sports Presentation/ Competition Production / TV

You support the organization in the staging of the event. This is where the competitions are put in the right light. You help e.g. in operating the video walls, support the TV crews as a cable puller, or serve as runner for the presenters, etc.

Field of Play

The heart of the World Championships: The field of play! You support the organization team during the competitions, make sure that the athletes are where they are supposed to be, and that the infield is clean. Another task in this area is apparatus management. This is a hands-on job. You help with the assembly and disassembly of the equipment and, above all, with the change of apparatus during the event.


You keep track even in stressful situations and social media is no stranger to you. You can easily switch between German and another language, then you are right in the World Cup communication!

Main Press Center   

In the area of ​​the Main Press Center (MPC), you are the contact person for journalists and athletes from all over the world. You will also share information and help organize and coordinate all processes around the Main Press Center. The MPC needs good language skills, above all English, and strong nerves.

Social Media  

You are creative, feel at home on Facebook and/ or Instagram and do not shy away from being in front of the camera? In Social Media we feed our Championships channels ‘around the clock’ and thus need exciting and creative content from dedicated gymnastics fans. Very good German language skills (written and spoken) are required here.

Media Service  

The Gymnastics World Championships are broadcast via many communication channels: Various websites, printed programs, gymnastics magazines, and many more. If you have some hands-on experience in writing texts and taking photographs, Media Service is the area for you. In addition, we are looking for linguistically talented people who speak and understand languages other than English to work in the mixed zone.

Language Services

You speak English, Russian, Japanese, or Chinese and can easily switch between German and these languages? In Language Services you help with translations in the mixed zone or at press conferences. Of course, other language skills are also of interest for this service.


Is putting up and taking down marketing banners a little something for you? Do you like to get involved? Here you make sure that the partners and sponsors are presented in the right light and support them in and around the venue. Advertising is primarily done before and after the event.

Visitor Service & Info Counter

You are a particularly friendly and open person? In this area you are moving around the whole arena and outside of it. You are the point of contact for all guests and provide information about the arena, the city, or the events taking place during the day. You always stay calm and try to clarify and answer arising questions.

Sponsors implementation

You have a strong “hands-on” mentality and like to join in? In terms of sponsorship implementation, you are mainly involved in setting up and dismantling and actively help ensure that the national and international sponsors are presented in a professional and appealing manner both in the interior of the event, in the surroundings of the arena and at events in the city of Stuttgart.


You speak several languages ​​and have a particularly friendly and open demeanor? You are service-oriented and like to help other people with words and deeds? In the field of ticketing you are in the area of ​​the cash registers as well as in the visitor area in the circulation of the arena on the way.


You make sure that the various side events such as shows and participation offers run smoothly.

become part of the volunteer team

Everybody can join!

Sign up now and become part of the volunteer team.
The only requirement: You must be at least 16 years old! Register now in a second step we ask your desired area and period of use.

Any Questions?

Yes. In order to participate as a volunteer in the Gymnastics World Championships you must be at least 16 years old at the time of the Championships!

It is very important for us to assign you a job that best suits your interests and qualifications. Therefore, we ask you to specify at least three work area preferences when you register. During a volunteer meeting you will then be prepared for the Gymnastics World Championships and your work.

Please refer to the schedule on this website regarding your steps from registration to your volunteer work at the World Gymnastics Championships.

We expect teamwork, enthusiasm, commitment, and friendliness. There will be around 650 volunteers and each one contributes to the success of the World Championships. Your hospitality and a good atmosphere among the volunteers play a huge part in making this a successful event.

As a volunteer you must have very good German and / or English skills. Depending on the area of deployment, fluent German skills (spoken and written) are mandatory. You wi

Volunteers work for the World Championships between September 23, 2019 and October 16, 2019.

Prerequisite for the World Championships is a minimum term of availability of 10 days. Beginning and end of the work period vary depending on the area of deployment. Most of the volunteers will be needed between September 28 and October 14, 2019. All work areas are up and running during this period. Due to organizational reasons, applicants with longer availability will be given preference in the job allocation process.

In June/ July 2019 we will let you know your area of deployment and working days. About three to four weeks before the World Championships you can then view your detailed shift schedule in the Volunteer Tool.

A volunteer shift lasts between 6 and 10 hours and includes at least one break. Usually there are several break periods throughout the day. You can spend your breaks e.g. in the volunteer lounge.

Depending on the assigned area of work you will mainly spend your days indoors. In some areas you will also spend time outdoors.

If you fall ill before or during your volunteer assignment, please inform your contact person as soon as possible. Your accreditation is invalid for the period you have opted out.

During your shifts at the Gymnastics World Championships we will provide you with food and drink. You have to pay for your food before and after your assignments.

We try to provide the volunteers, who do not live in commuting distance, with accommodation. But we cannot guarantee this at the moment.

No. Only very limited parking facilities are available around the venue. All volunteers – as well as visitors – are strongly encouraged to use public transport. The use of public transport is free of charge with the accreditation badge for the respective volunteer period.

• From August 2018 on: Registration and selection of work area preferences
• February 2019: Full registration and selection of available period
• June / July 2019: Confirmation and allocation of volunteer service
• July / August 2019: Mission preparation
• August / September 2019: Publication of shift schedules
• September 2019: Final information regarding volunteer assignment

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