PREVIEW for WOMEN’S TEAM FINAL – Can anyone catch the United States?

07.10.2019 20:00 Uhr

Grace Mc Callum, Team USA – 05th of October 2019, Stuttgart

Tuesday 8th October – The first medal ceremony of the championships will take place at the end of today’s competition. The USA are clear favourites to win the gold medal, but how closely will they be pushed by the other teams?

Both of last year’s medalists are also in the final – the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China. Their qualifications scores were very close, and not far behind were the teams from France and Canada, both finalists in Doha last year.

There are three newcomers to the final this year: the Netherlands, Great Britain and Italy, who all qualified with very close scores.

However, there is a twist in the team final – unlike qualifying, where four gymnasts compete on each apparatus and the top three scores count, the final is much tougher. Only three gymnasts compete on each apparauts, and all three scores count.

It leaves no room for error. With falls and mistakes possible for every team, anything can happen on the day. 

There is no doubt, however, who will be the star of the show. Simone Biles of the USA is expected to lead her teammates  Sunisa Lee, Jade Carey, Grace McCallum and Kara Eaker to victory. It will be spectacular.


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