All children between the ages of three and ten can look forward to a very special offer at the 2019 Stuttgart Gymnastics World Championships. From the 3rd to the 13th of October it is time to have fun, let off steam and let your creativity run free in the children’s world of movement. Admission is free of charge.

At the Open-Times the organizers of the German and Swabian Gymnastics Federation invite all children to explore our world. Admission is free and prior registration is not necessary. When the international gymnastics stars fight in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle for the Olympic qualification and World Championship title, the “little ones”, whether with their parents, the club group, the KITA group or school class, can experience the World Championship in a new, active way. “Have fun, let off steam and let your creativity run free – all this is possible in our children’s world of movement. Here the children aged three to ten years have seven rooms at their disposal in which they can move freely,” says Wolfgang Drexler, President of the Swabian Gymnastics Federation. In addition, suggestions are given as to how more exercise can be integrated into the normal everyday life of the children, because that doesn’t take much at all.

On-site trainers accompany the children through the different rooms.

It is particularly gratifying that the times of use exclusively made available in advance for KITAs and kindergartens were very well received. “Traditionally, we attach great importance to the sustainable impact of our major sporting events on the population. We are therefore all the more pleased that all time slots for KITAS and kindergarten were fully booked after just a few days. There is also a huge demand for tickets for the pupils from Baden-Württemberg for the school action day on 7 October. Here the Turner before a sold out hall will begin and accordingly be cheered on , says Wolfgang Drexler.

The seven rooms are:

Gym. It does not always have to be a fully equipped hall. In our gym there are some surprise boxes ready. With the contents the children can give free rein to their creativity.

Apartment. Because home can be more than just a place to relax.
be. Almost every piece of furniture is suitable for romping around and trying out.

KITA. This space connects the movements with language and colours.

Playground. Because it is a place every child should know. Here is
there’s no limit to the imagination.

Play Street. According to the motto “back to the roots”. Here it says chalk scribble,
Rubber twist and the good old Bobby Car on the program.

Relaxation room. After every great adventure, even the greatest
Fighters take a little break to relax.

School gymnastics. Not only on the day of the school action can primary school children
let off steam.

03.10. & 13.10.:
9 A.M. till 6 P.M.

04.10., 07. – 11.10.:
2 P.M. till 8 P.M.

05. – 06.10. & 12.10.:
9 A.M. till 8 P.M.

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