Youth Camp – the experience of a lifetime

22.08.2019 14:43 Uhr

Youth Camp / Photo: Potthoff
  • Do you want your gymnast to have the experience of a lifetime?
  • Does your gymnast want to train in a real gym on their trip to the World Championships?
  • Do you want your gymnast to meet gymnasts from all over the world?
  • Do you want to get your team together for the experience of a lifetime?

Last call: Registration will end on August 26, 2019

The 2019 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships Youth Camp is the best way to connect with other gymnasts from all over the world. Open to gymnasts from the age of 8 (at all levels), the Youth Camp is the way to make friends, stay in shape, and experience the excitement of a world-class competition.

During the Youth Camp, participants will stay at Fellbach-Schmiden, a real gym right on the border of Stuttgart, Germany. Teams can register together with their coach so they can keep fit, enjoy the competition, and experience gymnastics even on their trip to Germany.

Participants will get special access to qualification round tickets, which are already sold out or hard to come by for the general public. Extra tickets are reserved for all qualifying days from 4 October 4th through 6 October 6th.

There are two types of accommodation available:

  • The first category includes a two-night stay from Friday to Sunday (October 4 – 6) and costs €60.00
  • The second category includes a three-night stay from Thursday to Sunday (October 4 – 6) and costs €75.00

For every ten underage participants (even if the number of participants is less than ten) a supervisor must be registered. The first supervisor will pay the normal price while all other supervisors pay a surcharge of €5.00 on the standard price (€65.00 or €80.00). All participants over 18 years must be registered as a supervisor.

What’s included:

  • Accommodation and night stays at a real gym for easy access to training and equipment
  • A wholesome and healthy breakfast every day to keep participants fit and energized
  • A pass for the use of public transportation so that gymnasts can visit the local sights like the Wilhelma Zoo
  • Special access to tickets to the qualification sessions – even to sold out sessions! Hello USA, we want to see the team.
  • The use of the gym in three-hour slots so your gymnasts  can stay on their feet and stay in shape. Meet new friends, enjoy new experiences, get accommodations and discover a new way to experience gymnastics with a once-in-a-lifetime youth camp!

Editor: Keren Brown


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