Press Conference with Team Germany

07.10.2019 17:00 Uhr

press conference women team germany

Dr. Alfons Hölzl – DTB-President

  • On the championships in Stuttgart

Personally, I have never experienced a world championships with such a large crowd. It makes my heart beat faster when you see how many people want to see the competition. Qualifications in gymnastics is a special experience for all gymnasts of all nations when the stands are full. The atmosphere is extremely positive and we as the organisers are especially happy about that! 

Ulla Koch – Coach of German women’s team

  • On making the qualification for Tokyo

I am very relieved we made it! In the beginning I was not sure whether we would qualify for the team final. That it would be such a close race, I would have never expected. Of course, we made avoidable mistakes, but other nations made mistakes, too. I was a little bit sad yesterday [because of not reaching the final], but the Olympic qualification and the four finals are worth a lot.

  • On the team for Tokyo

The criteria for making the team have been defined some time ago. The first criterion is the medal chance, the second the chance of making a final and the third the team. There will be a lot of pressure on the athletes to become better at some apparatus in order to make it on the team.  

Kim Bui 

  • On the competition

I have already experienced many competitions and noticed how quickly the moment passes. That is why I decided to enjoy the competition and everything around it. I also focused on the mental preparation. I often imagined what it would be like, how it would feel to compete. But I can say that it exceeded all my expectations.

Emilie Petz

  • On the competition

This was my first world championships and it was a fantastic experience to compete in Stuttgart. I am very proud of my team and wish Sarah and Eli all the best, and that they can repeat their great performance from qualifications in the all-around final.

Pauline Schäfer

  • On helping Sarah Voss for the beam final 

I would like to tell her to take it easy, but that is not possible. Of course, I will support Sarah as best I can and give her tips if she wants me to. She is a very experienced gymnast and will certainly be able to do that!

Sophie Scheder

  • On her injury

I’m already feeling better now. It is very bitter when you have prepared for such a long time but can’t participate in the competition after all. I was very happy that the team did such a great job. It’s great to have the opportunity to experience the atmosphere and everything else here in Stuttgart.

Elisabeth Seitz

  • On her bars final

What is possible is still written in the stars. Every year it starts from zero and you have to prove yourself again. Especially the bar final this year, it is very crowded again. The lowest qualified gymnast had a 14.700, that’s crazy. Theoretically everything is possible, it could mix up again completely.

  • On being so strong

I think there’s a lot coming together. Among other things the world championships bronze medal last year, that it’s a home world championships and that the Olympic Games will take place next year. Also, my body is currently playing along. There are so many highlights that motivate me personally, and that has an effect on everything else. You can see it here and hopefully next year in Tokyo as well.

Sarah Voss

  • On her mental preparation

Due to my injury I had to reduce my training, also on the beam. I went through the exercise on the beam mentally, posed and imagined the jumps. At the end of the exercise I went through the complete exercise mentally again, if possible without any mistakes. Because I noticed that you also make mistakes mentally. It helped me to keep the feeling for the elements during my injury break.

  • On her beam routine

I will try to recall the feeling from qualifying, concentrate on myself and what I can do.


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