Championships conclude with record-breaking medal haul for Simone Biles

13.10.2019 17:07 Uhr

Five times World Champion in Stuttgart 2019: Simone Biles (USA) – picture: Dinkelacker

Men’s vault – In a repeat of the men’s all-around, it was a Russian one-two in this final. Nikita Nagornyy just pipped his teammate Artur Dalaloyan by a mere 0.033 of a point. In third place was Ukrainian Igor Radivilov. All three gymnasts showed 5.6 difficulty vaults, so were very evenly matched. Both Nagornyy and Radivilov showed the same two vaults – a Dragulescu followed by a Tsukahara double pike, while Dalaloyan chose a Yurchenko triple twist followed by a handspring, double pike front. Romania’s Marian Dragulescu himself, now 38 years old, secured Olympic qualification with his fourth place finish. 

Balance beam – When last’s year’s silver medalist, Anne-Marie Padurariu, fell twice early on in the final, it left the way open for the two Chinese gymnasts to capitalise before the penultimate competitor, Simone Biles. Last year’s beam champion, Liu Tingting, had the second highest difficulty score of the day – 6.2 – so despite one wobble she took the lead with a score of 14.433, with her teammate Li Shijia just behind. American Kara Eaker could not overtake them, but Simone Biles could. She performed a faultless routine, starting with her signature double wolf turn and was rock solid for the title.

Parallel bars – Highest qualifier, Lukas Dauser, had the weight of the nation on his shoulders as he targeted Germany’s first medal of the championships. As the seventh competitor, he had already seen steady routines from Joe Fraser (Great Britain), Ahmet Onder (Turkey) and Kazuma Kaya (Japan), placed first to third. But for Dauser, it was not to be, with a fall that left him out of reach of a medal. When the last competitor, Ukraine’s Petro Pakhniuk, suffered a few wobbles, it became clear that Great Britain’s Joe Fraser had taken the gold medal, with Onder in second place and Kaya in third.

Women’s floor – no matter how hard the other competitors tried, this final was really only about one gymnast – Simone Biles. Competing last, she provided a fitting finale. Her routine contained three double tuck backs, with one, two and three twists – unbeatable! With a double layout half thrown in for good measure, her difficulty value of 6.7 was the highest by far. The silver medal was won by Sunisa Lee (USA) and the bronze by Russia’s Angelina Melnikova. 

Horizontal bar – Tin Srbic of Croatia went into this final hoping for a qualification to the Tokyo Olympics, having placed third in qualifications. But a sore shoulder forced him to reduce his difficulty from 6.4 to 6.2 – would he make it onto the podium? It looked possible when the highest qualifer, Tang Chia-Hung, unfortunately fell off the bar. Then the Brazilian, Arthur Mariano, produced an electrifying routine to take the gold medal, with Srbic in second and the Russian Artur Dalaloyan in third. 


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